Castle Bromwich Felons Beware

We have an interesting newspaper advertisement from 1834 to share with you today which we came across whilst researching into the life of the Rev. Edwin Kempson.

BIRMINGHAM GAZETTE – Monday January 6th 1834

Notice is hereby given, that the several persons whose names are hereunder mentioned, having formed themselves into an Association called the CASTLE BROMWICH ASSOCIATION for the PROSECUTION of FELONS, will give the following gratuities or rewards (to be paid on conviction) to any person or persons who shall detect or apprehend any offender guilty of the after-mentioned offences upon their respective persons or property, viz –

£. s. d.
For every burglary, house-breaking, highway robbery, or stealing horses, cows, sheep, pigs, or other cattle, or setting fire to ricks or buildings 10 10 0
For maliciously maiming horses, mares, geldings, neat cattle, sheep, lambs or pigs 5 5 0
For receiving goods or other things, knowing them to be stolen 5 5 0
For stealing lead, corn, grain, poultry, timber, clothes, linen, money, goods or furniture 2 2 0
For stealing implements of husbandry, harrow-teeth, plough-irons, hooks or thimbles from gates or other iron-work, old iron, hay or straw, or robbing orchards or gardens, or milking cows 1 1 0
For stealing, destroying, or injuring trees, gates, hedges, posts, rails, or stiles 1 1 0
For stealing, destroying, or injuring turnips, peas, potatoes, carrots or any other produce in or from any field 1 1 0


And for every offence not before enumerated such rewards as shall at the annual meeting of members of the Association be deemed necessary according to the nature of the crime.

The Right Hon. the Earl of Bradford

Rev. Edwin Kempson

John Darlaston Blakesley

John Smallwood

John Chattock

Joseph Spencer Ward

Zachariah Twamley, jun.

John Blakesley

Richard Gibson

William Webb

John Powell

Christopher Chattock


Harvey Smith

Thomas Dowler

Edward Dalton Bosworth

Samuel Godwin

Jane Knight

Mary Wilton

Ann Dodwell

Mary Alldritt

John Mitchell

John Cooper

John Nicholls

William Ludlow






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