A Week In The Life Of A Chairman – Day 2 Tuesday

timemanagement1Being the Chairman of a completely volunteer managed and operated organisation requires you to be a Jack of all trades. It also means that the tasks you have  to complete take on a life of their own. Today, I’ve taken time to step away from those tasks, to stop doing and to start thinking and restructuring my priorities and starting to learn to manage my time better.

In particular, I’ve spent some time today considering my ever growing to-do list and reflecting on the thought that if time is the currency of my life, I don’t always spend it in the most appropriate way. I came to the realisation that I will always have more to do than I can ever get done, that no matter how hard I try to clear my to-do list it will always continue to grow. Strangely I found this thought quite liberating. If trying to clear my task list was an impossibility, then all I needed to do was to prioritise the tasks and invest my time wisely ensuring that essential tasks are completed and then doing the things that I enjoy and which deliver the most value, create the biggest transformations or are most important to members of the partnership. So, realising that my to-do list will never truly be done, I’ve freed myself mentally to devote time to the things that matter most to me and to ensure that my time is devoted to pursuing the values of CBYCP to enhance the environment and lives.

CHARM 12 x 12 poster 3 copyOne of the projects delivered by CBYCP last year was a healthy eating cooking project. The young people who participated in it enjoyed learning about nutrition and applying that knowledge to cooking healthier versions of their favourite take-aways. The project culminated in a community dinner  and the launch of a recipe book compiled by the project participants. There was an under-spend on the delivery of the project and the funders have asked us to submit a plan to deliver more sessions with the remaining money. I spent some time today, putting together that plan and investigating the possibility of delivering those sessions in partnership with another local organisation in order to encourage participation by people from diverse backgrounds.

Inevitably, I’ve also had to devote time to administrative tasks, completing paperwork for companies house, arranging payments and producing some management accounts for the heritage project we’re about to start.

My biggest success of the day – Taking time out to reflect on time management and prioritising the activities which reflect the value of CBYCP .

My volunteer hours today – 5 hours.




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