Collaboration is Key to Success


In two short weeks the Community Project’s renovation of the local graveyard has made remarkable strides. Key to the success has been the partnerships which the project has formed with other local organisations. During half term week, 32 volunteers from organisations as diverse as the Project itself, Castle Bromwich Lions, young people from Solihull Youth Service’s Castle Bromwich Youth & Community Centre, the Environmental Champions and local business ISS cleared a large patch of brambles and created a shrub bed under-planted with bulbs. Volunteers celebrated the achievement of the students involved with Pizza and Maltesers as part of National Student Volunteer Week.
The fortnight culminated with the restoration of the water supply. Nine volunteers from the Community Project and Castle Bromwich Lions installed a cast iron water bollard which had been donated by British Waterways in recognition that the graveyard is the final resting place of Thomas Clayton famous for his position as a Canal Carrier and boat builder. Thanks to Pat for the cups of tea and bacon and sausage sandwiches and to local resident Jerry Gray for his support of the project.
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